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Практический семинар с Игорем Берхиным
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Shang Shung Institute
International Shang Shung Institute for Tibetan Studies presents:

The word "dzogchen" relates to our own nature, our primordial state. Being our intrinsic nature, dzogchen doesn't belong to any particular religion. Noone has a copyright for dzogchen. It can be called any other name but names do not change the essence. This state is undescribable, it cannot be objectified or reified. Still, there's a possibility to discover it and to transmit this knowledge.

The experience of waking up into the knowledge of this state can spontaneously happen to any individual regardless of their cultural background. But this spontaneous experience even though significant doesn't automatically remain forever in the individual condition. In order to be able to repeat, refresh, recover, develop, and bring it to full maturation one needs methods. The teaching of Dzogchen or Atiyoga is a variety of methods aimed at discovering, ascertaining, and developing this knowledge having its own principles, structure, and history.

The lecture is both for Dzogchen practitioners and for those who are interested in the knowledge of liberation.

20-th of March: 3pm-5pm (UTC)

The lecture will take place in Zoom
Igor Berkhin is a long-term meditation practitioner, a Buddhist translator, and a teacher authorized by a prominent Dzogchen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Held over 200 retreats and seminars in 21 countries of the world. He translated several books into Russian, the most important of which is "The Supreme Source. Dzogchen Root Tantra." Igor Berkhin has been practicing meditation since the 80s and is well acquainted with various Buddhist traditions. Since 1991 he studied and worked as a translator with many prominent Buddhist teachers.

Has been teaching meditation since 2002 in both spiritual and secular formats. Author of the online course for Yoga-Journal "28 days of meditation", co-founder of the first conference on mindfulness "Clear mind" and the Association of Russian-speaking teachers of mindfulness ARCO, headliner of the London conference Festival of the Mind, teaches meditation to students of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis as well as to Gestalt Psychotherapy community. Author of the project "Freedom of the Mind", dedicated to the use of contemplative practices to recognize and neutralize psychological manipulations.

Lecture will take place
20-th of March

Space limited!
Shang Shung Institute